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Mixgliss Lub is a unscented lubricant which is discreet and pleases everyone. Its translucent formula, composed of water, is adapted to intimate games and the use of sextoys. Pure and natural, Mixgliss Lub has been created for those who want a healthy product of the highest quality.


Capacity: 4 ml

Data sheet
Fragrance / Flavour unscented
Ingredients aqua, monopropylene glycol, benzalkonium chlorid, chlorhexidine digluconate, allantoin, glycerin, stearamine oxyd, cocamidopropylamine oxyd, parfum
For intimate use condom and sextoy compatible according French standard NF S97-034. Tested ISO EN 10993.
Cautions in case of contact with eyes, rinse with water. In case of allergic reaction, stop the use. Keep away from light and heat.
Origine Formulated to avoid allergic reactions and made under pharmaceutic control.
Capacity 4 ml - 0.14 fl oz
Batch + best before date see facing
BBD 60 months
Languages on pack FR, EN, DE, NL, SP, IT
Other capacities:

Lub 70 ml

70 ml

Lub 150 ml

150 ml