Intimate lubricants add a pinch of sensuality in your sexual life. Their extremely soft and delicately perfumed texture brings you a totally unknown feeling of easiness by enhancing the sensitivity of your skin. The purpose of lubricant gel is to lubricate the intimate mucous membranes to facilitate penetration and thus improve the sensations. It also compensates for insufficient natural lubrication (vaginal dryness), inadequate physiological transudation, hormonal imbalance... Our lubricant line drives you to such a level of comfort that your sexuality becomes pure enjoyment.


Everyone can experience the well-being provided by lubricants. The use of MIXGLISS will permit you to rediscover your partner. Its unique olfactory and tactile properties are amazing. Its wide range of flavours and textures rhymes with an infinity of sensations! Made in France, the worldwide cradle of perfumes, MIXGLISS marries the special know- how of a laboratory with original fragrances. For your very own pleasure!


The MIXGLISS lubricants are medicals devices classified IIa, to assurer you the best quality. Formulated and made in France under pharmaceutical control, the MIXGLISS products combine the expertise of a laboratory with original fragrances made in Grasse, cradle of the worldwide perfumery, for your very own pleasure! Condoms and sextoys compatible. Tested ISO EN-10993-10. Suitable for pregnant women.


MIXGLISS is a master of discretion. Sober and elegant, you may forget it on a shelf, it will not ashame you. The bottle or tube is easy to grab and the cap displays the exact quantity of product needed. Bonus: small sized packaging (50 ou 70 ml) you can take with you any place!


Made of water or silicone, more or less slippy, flavoured or natural, always compatible with the use of a condom, our lubricants belong to two classes.

Water-based: the best option when you use a condom or silicone sextoys. Colourless, non greasy and ultra-lubricating, its light texture is perfect for a daily use. To vary pleasures, it is declined under various references: unscented in 70 et 150 ml tube, unscented anal in 250 tube, and in several flavour or aroma available only in 70 ml tube.

Silicone-based: the most sensual option, powerfully slippy with a longer efficiency. This formula is perfect for naughty games. Applied to the condom, it increases the mechanical resistance of the latex. But, remember to use an aqueous base when you use silicone sextoys. The silicone softens your touch... so much! During masages, Mixgliss is the essential accessory. Non greasy, your skin stays smooth, lustrous and slightly perfumed. Ideal for a naughty shower or bath, it will remain fluid and will never stick. Be careful, you may become an addict! Available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottle.